The Menace of Political Party Vigilantism: Reflections from Kumasi

CODEOs nationwide Round Table Discussions on the menace of political party vigilantism made a stop in the Ashanti regional capital of Kumasi. After deliberations with stakeholders, a press confab was held to tease out the issues as expressed. Our stakeholders at the Kumasi confab suggested that 1. The independence of the IGP should be safeguarded through appointment to the office by an independent body and security of tenure for the officeholder ensured. 2. The Electoral Commission (EC) is entreated to display professionalism in all aspects of its work and strive to ensure that adequate and quality training is provided for their staff including the temporary staff. 3. Political party leaders should desist from making unachievable promises to their followers. There is more in the full statement, click link to read or download.

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