Here are additional tools that I AM AWARE uses to empower and inform citizens for change! These resources help us disseminate information on the state of public goods and service delivery in the sectors that I AM AWARE focuses on.


These are snapshots of Districts and their performance in sectors I AM AWARE focuses on (Education, Health, Roads, Agriculture, Security, Water And Sanitation). The Bulletins are useful as a dissemination tool. They facilitate the dissemination of information via media channels such as, radio, television and social media. Each Bulletin is produced on a timely basis so that relevant information is disseminated before the data ‘gets cold’.

Spotlight Series

These are occasional papers that focus on issues of interest to I AM AWARE in specific districts in Ghana. The Spotlight Series are produced when specific issues of concern to I AM AWARE are mentioned in media reports, news items, discussions, or elsewhere. The data and analysis presented in these papers provide additional empirical evidence to support stories and issues carried by the media. The Spotlight Series is a timely publication providing a vehicle for drawing attention to pertinent issues in districts that seek immediate redress and attention from duty bearers. I AM AWARE uses these papers to draw attention to problems in districts, so that citizens can become more aware and those in authority can act on the problems. The Spotlight series does not only highlight the negatives in public service delivery in districts, it also promotes the positives as a way of encouraging other districts to perform better.


I AM AWARE shares its experiences and activities through stories. These are experiences about the project, data collection and dissemination by I AM AWARE project staff, project partners and volunteers. These stories also include successes about citizen empowerment through I AM AWARE from selected districts of Ghana. I AM AWARE is interested in how information empowers citizens so that they can demand accountability from duty bearers, in order to share success stories of active citizen engagement.


I AM AWARE shares updates and news on our activities. We also provide snapshots information on issues that highlight relevant aspects of the data on the state of public goods and public service delivery.  

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