Election 2020: Validation Report on Electoral Violence Cases

Since returning to constitutional democracy in 1992, Ghana has successfully organized eight presidential and parliamentary elections. However, in Ghana’s election cycle, electoral violence remains protracted, adversely affecting lives and properties. Similar to the previous seven elections, victims in the electoral violence cases recorded in the 2020 elections are yet to get justice despite persistent calls […]

Dealing with Disinformation and Misinformation During Elections

Concept - Computer Keyboard with red key that says FAKE NEWS, online dangers

The issue of misinformation/disinformation has become one major challenge confronting the world today. Misinformation/disinformation is however not a modern phenomenon–as it existed long before established information disseminating entities like news organizations started operating. This menace is as a result of people’s desire to manipulate information for their personal gain or to promote a particular agenda. […]

Impact of Covid-19 on Government’s Reform Programs in Ghana

Since the outbreak of the Novel COVID-19 pandemic, over 216 countries and territories have been affected, with over 180,817,269 infections and 3,923,238 deaths as at 28th June, 2021. The effect of the pandemic on lives and livelihoods has been devastating both in developed and developing countries. Ghana, upon recording its first case on 12th March, […]

Options for Confronting the Adult Social Care Conundrum

“Hard as it is to acknowledge, Smitty’s reaction to death was pretty typical. It hurts too much to see a stranger die, let alone someone you love and respect. Most folks would prefer just to ride away, leave the dead to do their dying, and only afterwards think on the good times.” C.A. Tedeschi In […]

Care for the Elderly in Ghana’s Changing Age Demographic

“Death is not an evil, because it frees us from all evils, and while it takes away good things, it takes away also the desire for them. Old age is the supreme evil, because it deprives us of all pleasures, leaving us only the appetite for them, and it brings with it all sufferings. Nevertheless, […]

From Pandemic to Endemic: the Ethics of Vaccine Sale Profits

*Photo credit: ABC News Lower middle-income countries would be scratching their heads with the announcement by Great Britain’s biggest pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca, that it expects to move away from selling its COVID-19 vaccine Vaxzevria at cost price to a scheme where a modest profit is made. According to the company’s Chief Executive Pascal Soriot, they […]