Testimonial From Trustees

Democracy depends on the lively participation of organized civil society in political life. Politics is too important to be left only to politicians. CDD-Ghana is making a valuable contribution to our democracy, which is still comparatively young
H. E. Busumuru Kofi Annan
Former UN Secretary-General.
The promotion, projection, and application of the work of think tanks such as CDD-Ghana, can and must be encouraged. The knowledge, research, and contributions of these well-focused groups are critical ingredients in the search for accountable and responsive governance.
Abdul Malik Kweku Baako
Editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper
CDD-Ghana is one of the best, and most creative and vibrant pro-democracy institutions I have encountered in Africa.
Professor Larry Diamond
Stanford University
I particularly value CDD-Ghana’s many contributions to Ghana and the continent. CDD-Ghana has found an impressive balance in its research. On the one hand, CDD-Ghana’s work has been faithful to the Center’s focused mandate to promote democracy and good governance. On the other hand, it has been broad enough to consider multiple dimensions of the challenges that a young democracy like Ghana faces.
Dr. K. Y Amoako