CDD-Ghana Democracy & Governance Internship Application Form

CDD-Ghana Democracy & Governance Internship Application Form

The CDD-Ghana Democracy and Governance (D&G) internship program since its inception in 2009 has nurtured budding talents in democratic and governance processes and trained over 25 promising young professionals.

Selection Process

Candidates are selected through a competitive essay writing competition. The top five (5) candidates will then compete for the ultimate top three (3) spots.

The final three (3) selected candidates will be placed within the Center’s Research, Programs and Advocacy unit, where they will be mentored and guided in areas such as; research, advocacy, good governance, democracy, elections, social accountability, among others.

A completed application should include:

General Information


Work Experience (If Any)

Volunteer Experience (If Any)

Language Proficiency (Excellent - Good - Fair - Poor)