The overall goal is to promote and deepen democratic consolidation, good governance, and inclusive growth and development. CDD-Ghana works in five program areas and has two special projects.  Research and Advocacy ran through all of the program areas.

We work to secure and increase the integrity and credibility of the institutions and processes of democratic representation and accountability, including local and national elections and election management; citizen and community access to, and participation in the processes of political decision-making and governance; and the responsiveness and accountability of political institutions at both local and national levels. Our political and constitutional governance work specifically covers: 

  • Elections and election observation, national and local.
  • Election management accountability
  • Decentralization and local/urban governance
  • Legislative engagement
  • Political parties and campaigns
  • Independent constitutional bodies (commissions)

Aimed to increase the transparency, integrity, and effectiveness of government in its management of public assets and resources, contractual and other transactional dealings with the business sector, and regulation of private economic activity and investment.

Our economic and corporate governance work specifically covers:

  • Governance of state owned enterprises
  • Natural resource and extractive sector governance
  • Anticorruption and value for money
  • Private sector development
  • Public financial management
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Public sector reform

We work to increase and strengthen the responsiveness, accountability and quality of justice and security services provision to local communities and marginalized groups, especially in fragile settings.  

Our justice, peace and security work specifically covers:

  • Access to justice
  • Sentencing and Prison Reform
  • Judicial accountability
  • Policing and law enforcement
  • Conflict prevention and peace-building
  • Administrative justice/rule of law

The goal is to increase the political, economic, and social power and wellbeing of women, youth, rural communities, and other socially disadvantaged groups by – enlarging and enhancing the ability and capacity of such groups to participate and share in meaningful sustainable economic activity and local and national governance and policy outcomes; and increasing accessibility, equity, and responsiveness in delivery of public services and social protection programs.

  • Our Social inclusion and equity work specifically covers: Gender equity and women’s empowerment
  • Social protection
  • Social accountability
  • Youth engagement
  • Disability rights
  • Internal migrant and extractive communities
  • Sustainable rural livelihoods

Our work here is to protect and enlarge the space for civic organization and action and leverage the experience and convening power of CDD-Ghana to increase the representation, participation, and impact of civil society and civic actors in the policy space and public governance by leading and supporting diverse collaborations with other civil society organizations and media and organizing and managing advocacy coalitions.

Our civil society work specifically covers:

  • Civil Society (CSO) regulatory environment
  • Think tanks
  • Professional and occupational groups outreach
  • Media
  • Disability rights
  • Community Based Organization (CBO) capacity building

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